Richard P. Hammond

3D Art in Digital and Traditional Mediums


I am based in Guildford, in the south of England.

3d has always been my passion, with cardboard and sellotape as a child, in plastic in my teens, and now using the many and varied materials available to a 3d artist in this modern age.

For my realistic animal pieces, I use a 'constructivist' process, starting with the skeleton and adding each subsequent layer of anatomy. My reconstructions of prehistoric animals have been commissioned by museums and universities around the world.

In the digital realm I have worked on many computer games, creating the models which populate these virtual worlds. I worked for Codemasters for 5 years, then Lionhead Studios for another 10.

Within my sculpture are two primary styles drawn from my museum and videogame experiences. They may seem the opposites of each other and yet both contain their own version of sculptural truth. The first is a realism achieved by a constructivist approach, for a literal truth. The second is planar stylisation, where complex reality is simplified and broken down into core components to expose the underlying truth of forms.



  • Scale modelling in plastic, wood and clay
  • Anatomical modelling
  • Custom parts via 3d printing


  • Digital sculpting in Zbrush
  • Subdivision modelling
  • Low-polygon modelling
  • Normal maps and retopology
  • UV mapping and texturing
  • Prototyping art asset specifications and creation processes
  • Implementation of art assets into the game engine
  • The use of anisotropic shaders for fur and hair effects
  • Rendering
  • Morph targets and facial mesh design
  • Modelling and design for 3d printing


  • Clay modelling
  • Moulding
  • Wax casting and fettling
  • Slip casting
  • Resin casting


  • 3d printing and reprap printer construction
  • HTML and CSS responsive
  • Basic Javascript


  • Problem-solving
  • Collaboration with technical colleagues
  • Documenting processes
  • Mentoring

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